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Laura McGrath, founder of Interview Techniques studied in Trinity College Dublin and has spent over 20 years in recruitment, both in Dublin and London.

Feedback from employers during the recruitment process has given her a unique insight as to what interviews expect in a candidate.

Her aim is to ensure that you are the best possible version of yourself when attending an interview – she will help you understand what value you have brought to previous employers and help you pull on strong examples to back this up.

As each person has different needs, the coaching session is tailored to your specific requirements.

Want to know more? Call Laura on 01 231 3003/ 087 669 1192.



Here are a selection of features on Interview Techniques and some articles published by our Interview Coach, Laura McGrath


5 Tips for dealing with the 'overqualified' issue

These days in order to get back into the job market, many people are applying for roles that don’t require their level of experience and qualifications. In this situation, how do you avoid running the risk of being overlooked in the recruitment process and rejected on the basis of being overqualified?

The following 5 tips should help:


Common Recruitment
Questions Answered

The Technique of a Good Interview


Most Common Interview Questions

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Irish Jobs - What is your greatest weakness?
Irish Jobs - What do you know about this company?
Recruit Ireland - Researching a Company
Recruit Ireland - What have you been doing since your last job?
Irish Jobs - What have you been doing since your last job?
Top 5 Interview Questions
Common Interview Questions
More Common Interview Questions

Competency / Behavioural Questions

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Salary and Performance Reviews

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Year End Performance Review
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During the Interview

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Recruit Ireland - The Importance of Body Language in an Interview
Dealing with Silence in Interviews
The best interview tip? Think like an employer.
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